Bylaws Proposal



Adopted or most recently amended on this date: December 27th, 2021:


Section 1 (Name). The name of this organization shall be the Sacramento Republican Assembly (hereinafter, “SRA”). which ischartered as a local chapter of the California Republican Assembly. The California Republican Assembly is a non-profitCalifornia corporation that has been chartered by the California Republican Party and the National Federation of RepublicanAssemblies as a Republican volunteer organization.

Section 2 (Precedence). SRA shall abide by the most recent Bylaws of the California Republican Assembly. In the event of aconflict between SRA’s Bylaws or rules and the Bylaws of the California Republican Assembly, the Bylaws of the CaliforniaRepublican Assembly shall be given effect and any conflicting Bylaws or rules shall be void.

Section 3 (Powers). SRA’s powers shall be to direct, manage, supervise, and control its business, property, and funds. SRA maycarry out its objectives through all legal means, but it shall not incorporate.

Section 4 (Objectives). The objectives of SRA are:

  1. To campaign for the election of Republican candidates for public offices and to strive for the appointment ofRepublicans to appointive positions;
  2. To maintain an effective, intelligent, aggressive, and permanent Republican campaign effort within SRA’sjurisdiction;
  3. To participate in the development of the platforms of the Republican Party while advancing the conservativeprinciples of the California Republican Assembly;
  4. To register voters as members of the Republican Party and to encourage them to casts informed ballots in everyelection;
  5. To recruit well-qualified Republican candidates to run for office, to endorse Republican candidates and ballot measures, and to train leaders for service in government;
  6. To promote loyalty and patriotism within SRA’s jurisdiction, the State of California, and the United States ofAmerica; and,
  7. To advance the cause of good government at all levels.


Section 1 (Geographic Area). The jurisdiction of SRA shall be Sacramento County as now established or hereafter created, excluding Consumes Community Services District, excluding the cities of Elk Grove and Galt; the Delta region of Sacramento South of Freeport and West of Interstate 5, including the City of Isleton; and the Herald and Wilton Fire Protection District. 


Section I (Membership Requirements). Members of SRA must be U.S. citizens of good moral character who are registeredRepublican voters in California and who have paid the appropriate dues and submitted a membership form or the electronic equivalent. The Board of Directors may reject any new member by two-thirds vote; such rejections may be appealed at the nextGeneral Meeting for resolution    by majority vote.

Section 2 (Honorary Membership). The Board of Directors may award honorary memberships to worthy persons by two-thirdsvote. Such honorary members shall not be permitted to vote unless they meet the eligibility requirements for members.

Section 3 (Membership Records). The SRA membership records shall be retained by the Membership Director.

Section 4 (Discipline). Any member may be suspended, expelled, or otherwise disciplined for misconduct or ineligibility by atwo-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. Prior to the vote, the member shall receive at least seven days’ notice and shall have anopportunity to address the charges. The Board’s action may be appealed at the next General Meeting; the Board’s action shallstand unless overturned by majority vote at that meeting.

Section 5 (Suspension). Membership shall be automatically suspended for any member whose annual membership dues are not paid by March 1. Such persons shall be reinstated as members when their dues are paid.

Section 6 (Dues). Membership dues shall be set by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may specify or repeal a lowerdues amount for members of the California College Republicans, provided that dues shall not be changed retroactively for anyexisting member.


Section 1 (Elected Officers). The elected officers of SRA are the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Events and Fundraising, Vice President of Growth and Outreach, Membership Director, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate-Past President. These officers shall be elected at the  Annual Meeting and their terms shall end when their successors are elected.

Section 2 (Appointed Officers). The appointed officers (if any) shall be appointed by the President and confirmed by a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors. The titles, duties, and terms of office for all appointed officers shall be specified by theBoard of Directors, provided that no term may extend beyond the next Annual Meeting.

Section 3 (Board of Directors). The elected officers shall comprise the Board of Directors. Each Board member shall have one vote and proxy voting shall not be permitted. The Board of Directors shall manage, direct, and coordinate the affairs of theorganization.  Any SRA member who sits on the state CRA Board of Directors shall be ex-officio members of the SRA Board of Directors, with the right to receive notice of meetings, but they shall not vote or count toward quorum unless they are also servingas elected officers.

Section 4 (Selection of Delegates). Delegates and alternates to California Republican Assembly conventions may be elected at any General Meeting. If delegates and alternates have not been elected within the current calendar year, then the Board of Directorsmay either elect them itself or else authorize the President to appoint them unilaterally.

Section 5 (President). The President shall preside at all meetings, shall serve as the chief executive officer, and shall exercise general supervision over the organization’s activities, officers, and agents. The President shall appoint all committees andcommittee chairs, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors. He or she shall diligently enforce these Bylaws and theBylaws of the California Republican Assembly.

Section 6 (Executive Vice President). The Executive Vice President shall preside at all meetings if the President is absent or unable to preside. He or she shall assist the President and the Board of Directors, as assigned. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Executive Vice President shall become President until the next Annual Meeting.

Section 7 (Vice President of Events and Fundraising). The Vice President of Events and Fundraising shall be responsible to organize events and raise funds. He or she shall assist the President and the Board of Directors, as assigned.

Section 8 (Vice President of Growth and Outreach). The Vice President of Growth and Outreach shall be responsible for marketing the SRA and attracting new members. He or she shall assist the President and the Board of Directors, as assigned.

Section 9 (Membership Director). The Membership Director shall be responsible for maintain membership records and other duties as specified by the President and the Board of Directors.

Section 10 (Recording Secretary). The Recording Secretary shall record and maintain the minutes at all meetings and shall serveas historian, corresponding secretary, and custodian of records. The Recording Secretary  shall send the notices for all meetings.

Section 11 (Treasurer). The Treasurer is the organization’s chief financial officer.  He or she shall collect, record, and deposit all contributions. The Treasurer shall maintain records of all financial transactions and shall submit a Treasurer’s Report to the Boardof Directors at least once each quarter. The Treasurer shall be responsible for complying with tax laws and campaign finance disclosure laws.

Section 12 (Immediate Past President). When the new President is elected, the former President shall become the ImmediatePast President. When a President leaves offices before   the end of his term, he or she forfeits the right to serve as Immediate Past President, the current Immediate Past President shall remain in office, and the person who completes the President’s term shallbecome the Immediate Past President when his successor is elected.

Section 13 (Financial Review). Whenever a new Treasurer is elected, and more frequently if directed by the Board of Directors, the Board shall elect three members of the organization to serve on a Financial Review Committee. The Committee shall review the organization’s financial records and issue a report to the Board within sixty days.

Section 14 (Removal). Any member of the Board of Directors may be removed from office for incapacity, dereliction of duty, or misconduct by two-thirds vote at any General Meeting or Board meeting, provided that at least seven days’ notice is provided.Such removal may be appealed to the following General Meeting, at which time the prior removal shall stand unless overturnedby majority vote. Written resignations submitted to the Board of Directors shall take effect immediately, without any vote.

Section 15 (Vacancies). Vacancies on the Board of Directors, except for the office of President, shall be filled until the AnnualMeeting by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 16 (Board Meetings). Board meetings may be called by the President or by a majority of the other members of the Board of Directors. Board members must receive at least seven days’ notice for each meeting, but members shall have the right to waive notice and participation in the meeting shall constitute waiver. Meetings may be conducted in person or by teleconference, or byany similar means. allowing two-way communication. Participation by a majority of the Board members shall constitutequorum.


Section 1.  (General Meetings).  General Meetings shall be called at least once per quarter by the President or the Board ofDirectors. The Board of Directors may dispense with    a meeting for good cause.  Members shall receive at least seven days’ notice of the time, place, and purpose of each meeting.  Quorum shall be attained by the physical presence of ten percent of the membership or by two-thirds of the Board of Directors. Once attained, quorum shall remain in effect until the meeting isadjourned.

Section 2 (Annual Meeting).  The Annual Meeting is a special General Meeting that shall be called in December or January by the Board of Directors for the purpose    of electing officers and conducting such other business as may be desired. 

Section 3 (Notice). Meeting notices, and all other notices required by these Bylaws, may be provided by first-class mail, hand delivery, electronic mail, or equivalent written means. Members shall have the right to waive notice and physical appearance at a meeting shall always constitute waiver of notice.

Section 4 (Voting). Voting at all meetings shall be restricted to persons who have been members in good standing for more than thirty days. Members must be physically present to vote and proxy voting shall not be permitted.

Section 5 (Parliamentary Authority). Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall serve as the parliamentary authority for alldisputed matters not covered by these Bylaws or by the Bylaws of the California Republican Assembly.


Section 1 (Amendments). These Bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote at any General Meeting where adequate noticeis provided.

Section 2 (Notice of Amendments). No amendment may be adopted unless the proposed text was provided to all members eligible to vote at least one week before the General Meeting at which it was to be adopted. Only germane amendments to theproposed      text may be approved at the General Meeting without providing additional notice. If written   notice of a proposedamendment was provided to the Board of Directors at least thirty days prior to the General Meeting, then the Recording Secretaryshall provide notice to the members.

Section 3 (Safekeeping).  After an amendment is adopted, the Recording Secretary shall incorporate it into these Bylaws,distribute the updated Bylaws to the Board of Directors, and submit the updated Bylaws to the California Republican Assemblyfor safekeeping.


I hereby certify that the foregoing Bylaws of the Sacramento Republican Assembly, as amended to date, wereduly adopted by the members thereof, on the date of 12/27/2021 at a meeting that took place at: Dr. Justin Hardcastle’s Residence

President’s Name:  Dr. Justin Hardcastle

President’s Signature: ___________________

Recording Secretary’s Name: Karen Juten

Secretary’s Signature: ___________________
President’s E-mail: xxxx 

Date Signed:  12/27/2021

Secretary’s E-mail: xxxx

Date Signed:  12/27/2021